Cash Cab: “Cooking Television” Worth Watching

The other day, I was making dinner for the family while trying to entertain The Kid. I turned on the news, and instead found the BEST "cooking television" show to date.  (Translation: television that is entertaining  enough to keep my attention, but not so intelligent that I burn the dinner.)  I had heard about The Discovery Channel’s Cash Cab, but watching the show is pure entertainment.  The show’s tagline is "Take a Ride and Win"; LTV Mom says it’s "Non-MENSA Jeopardy in a tricked-out cab."

The show works like this:  "Unassuming people enter the ‘Cash Cab’ as simple passengers taking a
normal taxi ride, only to be shocked when they discover that they’re
instant contestants on Discovery Channel’s innovative game show!" There is an adorable host/cab driver (Ben Bailey), chances to win money, three-strikes you’re out, Cash Cab’s version of "lifelines," and lots of New Yorkers and tourists.

Check your local listings, or (better yet ) set your TiVo, and enjoy!  In the meantime, here is a YouTube clip:

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