Best Friends

Best Friends

My family moved to Austin a year and a half ago. We left amazing friends (read: my daughter’s godparents) when we left Silicon Valley for the Silicon Hills. Eighteen months later, I am happy to report we have met new and wonderful friends. We are thankful and blessed.

But there is an ironic downside. You meet people you grow to love. And sometimes those people face challenges and hardships you never want your friends, no matter how new or old they are, to face. Here’s the story:

The child of our good friends (and this child is one of my daughter’s best friends) has been in the ICU for more than two weeks. This little girl was named “the sickest patient at Dell Children’s Hospital” and one doctor said, “you don’t get any sicker than this.” This kiddo was on life support and faced failing kidneys, liver and pancreas.

Turns out, this beautiful child — who is named Skylar – is a fighter! As of today, she is out of ICU and is in IMC (intermediate care). She is off a ventilator, and her organs are on the mend. And even being after rushed into multiple surgeries, including Sunday, Tuesday and again today, she keeps a smile on her toothless, sweet, seven-year-old face!

I was lucky enough to see Skylar on her seventh birthday on February 1. Even in the hospital, this girl is kind, sweet and angelic. I’ve said it many times, but I could not have hand-picked a better friend for my child. I wished Skylar a happy birthday, and she replied “thank you, Mrs. Libby.” I did not want to stop hugging her.

Skylar is lucky. Not only for her improving health, but because she has amazing parents. And here is what her parents have taught me over the past two weeks:

  • Tell your kids you love them whenever you can.
  • When you have two hours between dinner and bedtime, put down your iPhone.
  • Kids are stronger than you think.
  • No parent should have to see a child in pain.
  • Parents are STRONG.
  • Have faith.

Many people have asked me what they can do do help. Skylar’s parents have asked for only one thing: Pray for their child. And I pray for that child each and every day.

If you want to read more about Skylar, you can go HERE.

Grab a tissue or two before you read.


- LTV Mom

2 Responses to “GO, SKY, GO!”

  1. 1 Gina von

    We are watching and praying for Skyler every day. Beautiful post.

  2. 2 Heather Currans

    Even through the sad circumstances, a amazing gift has been given to me. I feel selfish thinking it let alone writing about it, but I have to share what reading her dad’s posts has done to me. I thank God each day that He created a beautiful fighter called Skyler, as well as a wonderful family, friends, and care team. Her recovery has been miraculous. And THAT is the most amazing part. However, selfishly, through all of it, I have been able to acquaint myself, and grow to love Skyler’s family. This means the world to me to connect in some way with those who fill your familiy’s life. Your words Stacy, to love, hug, and give time to your kids is my new mantra. Thank you for allowing us to share in her healing. Go Sky Go!

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