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BlogHer Food 2009

I’m obviously not a food blogger, but I love to write about (and watch) food television.  I’m a long-time fan of shows like Top Chef, Chopped and Next Food Network Star. Recently, I’ve been sucked into the cake decorating shows, and Cake Boss is a fan-favorite in my house.

I admittedly watch a lot of television after the kid goes to bed and I go back to work (hence the moniker Laptop TV Mom).  But during waking hours, we limit TV-time in my house. My young daughter is allowed to watch cartoons during breakfast, but then has to “earn” TV time for her favorites like iCarly. But let’s be honest, there are times when this mama just wants to cuddle on the couch with her special girl, and chill with some TV. The challenge is finding TV that we both want to watch. And this is where cooking shows come in.

My 4.5 year-old daughter and I love to watch cooking shows together. We spend the time talking about the mystery ingredients, the decorations on the cakes, and which recipes we would eat for dinner. We can watch these shows, and I know there will be no sex, drugs and bad language. (Well, some of the shows have bad language, but I can usually work around a bleeped-out F-bomb.)

All that said, I’m also a closet foodie who loves to cook (and eat). I love cookbooks, entertaining, and experiencing new and exciting restaurants.

So, absorb all that information — and couple it with BlogHer Food 09 in San Francisco — and you have LTV Mom attending the upcoming conference for food bloggers. I am meeting up with cookbook author Gina von Esmarch, and we are going to see cooking demonstrations, learn about food photography, and meet the food bloggers we love to read.

But my favorite part? I am bringing my kid with me!  My hubby is out of town, so the kid and I are hitting Highway 280 and joining the foodies in  San Francisco. She says she wants to drink milk and watch people cook. (I told her the California Milk Board will be there, and milk is her absolute favorite drink!)

So, if you see a TV blogger (and closet foodie) with her super-cute kid, please say hello!

– LTV Mom

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See you at BlogHer 09

BlogHer 09 in Chicago

BlogHer 09 in Chicago

I’m leaving on a jet plane… and heading to Chicago for BlogHer 2009.  Here’s why I’m going this year:

1. Seeing the bloggers I love. [Smart, cool women from all over the world. I'm especially looking forward to seeing the ladies from Silicon Valley Moms Group.]

2. Meeting the bloggers I read regularly. [Can't wait to stalk meet the uber-smart writers on my blogroll. Look out, Role Mommy, I'm gonna track you down!]

3. Working with SmartyCard. [Yep, my client SmartyCard will be there in full force, signing up bloggers for their affiliate program. Yes, you can make money with your blog.]

4. Enjoying cocktails with the Yahoo! Mother Board. [Yes, my client Yahoo! will be there, as will their brand ambassadors, complete with video cameras and cocktails.]

5. Finding Tim Gunn and Rick Bayless. [I didn't know they were making appearances when I signed up, but that doesn't mean I can't stalk try to meet them too!]

6. Attending the sessions. [Believe it or not, I do want to attend the sessions and learn a thing or two. The session that has my eye is Day Two keynote: Traditional Media Chops meets a New Media Calling.]

7. Representing Voce Nation. [I work with bloggers who are more clever and widely read than LTV Mom, including Media Guerrilla, TV Through Glasses and Hyku.  So I will proudly represent Voce, share some live-Tweets, and do my thang.]

Hope to see you there!

– LTV Mom